Interpon D1000, D2000, D3000 products

Interpon D1000

These coatings are especially designed for the architectural and construction industry, and have been proven for last 40 years. They are mainly used on aluminium, but can be used anywhere that attractive, durable colors are required including on galvanized steel, or with a suitable primer on mild steel. They have standard exterior durability, meaning excellent color and gloss retention after 12 months Florida testing. Available in almost an unlimited range of colors and effects, these powders meet the requirements of global entry-level standards such as AAM2603, BS6496, BS EN 12206, and specific ranges have approvals from Qualicoat and GSB.

Interpon D2000

Interpon D2000 is a series of high durability powder coatings specifically formulated for use on prestigious architectural projects on components requiring a long lifespan without maintenance. The most common substrate is aluminium profiles. Conforming with the performance requirements of the AAMA2604 specification, specific ranges have higher level approvals from Qualicoat and GSB. Interpon D2000 gives superior durability and color retention. Interpon D2000 powders are available in a wide color range including metallic effects, but less colors than Interpon D1000 series because some bright colors might fade during the life of the coating and so are not offered.

Interpon D3000

For the toughest environments and the perfect long-lasting finish, Interpon D3000 is the answer. Liquid PVDF coatings have been the standard for many years. But our Interpon D3000 represents VOC free alternative with the same outstanding weather resistance. Interpon D3000 is proven. That is why it has been used on many landmark buildings of the past 10 years, including Bond Street in London and several towers of the King Abdullah Financial District in Saudi Arabia. Interpon D3000 is a series of hyperdurable* coatings, meeting the demanding requirements of standards such as AAM2605, and holding Qualicoat Class 3 and GSB Premium approvals where applicable.

AAMA SPECIFICATIONS for Powder Coating & PVDF Coating