PVDF Coating


1. With PVDF coating, the components are protected.

2. PVDF coating, also known as PolyvinylidineDiFlouride. For industrial, commercial, and residential buildings, PVDF resin is the coating of choice for architects and designers worldwide due to its robust endurance, exceptional wear resistance, and aesthetic possibilities. By maintaining the intended colour, glass, and accessory while being resistant to dampness, fading, crackling, abrasions, and most chemicals.

3. PVDF are perfect for: Wall panel and metal roofing systems, frames for skylights, windows, doors, drapes, grills and louvers, various column coverings, mullions, soffits and fascia. National Coaters is bringing you a high quality resin based PVDF liquid coating system with the ideal blend of expertise and technology.

4. To satisfy high temperature curing of the coating at +240֯c, our infrastructure comprises high accuracy curing oven. OSHA regulations for point applications are met by the coating booth. Electrostatic applications with high efficiency reputable testing facility for processed ports.

pvfd coating

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