Wood Finish Coating

The aesthetics of wood and all the benefits of aluminium:

A new symphony is produced when two pioneers work together! Menphis is the undisputed leader in this emerging business. Another reputable company in the anodising and powder coating sectors, National Coaters, is bringing Menphis to India. For individuals in India who work to make public areas more beautiful, the union of these two forward-thinking organizations heralds a new age. The warm tones of natural wood, the beautiful elegance of Italian marble, and the glossy sheen of granite. National Coaters has advance technology, which may create hundreds of effects, including ones that seem like wood, marble, granite, and a wide variety of interesting, bespoke designs. In actuality, any image may be replicated onto aluminium using Menphis' sublimation technology. Both glossy and matte finishes are available, as well as ones with smooth or rough textures.

Wood Finish Coating:

Introducing woodfinstro, a unique impression of powder coating which gives differnt and creative wooden effect. Powder coating is done first on aluminium profiles, sheets, and 3D objects using Qualicoat approved powders. The pre-tested metal surface is then covered with the sublimation heat transfer film in the effect or pattern of your choice. This is then vacuumed and baked at 200°C for 10-12 minutes in a big oven. The film's effect or pattern is imprinted on the metal.

Wood is created because of its warmth and beauty. However, the majority of wood is produced by unethical logging methods. Our world is in grave risk of losing its forests if these activities are allowed to continue, it could have a negative influence on the ecosystem.

Despite having a nice appearance, wood has its own unique set of limitations. Wood typically degrades over time. Wood can warp due to humidity, temperature, and age. Termites, borers, and fungus can also attack wood. Wood is not a suitable material for applications involving fire safety since it is combustible.

All of these problems are efficiently handled by Woodfinstro!

1. Resistant to atmospheric conditions & UV rays.
2. Highly suitable for exterior applications.
3. Easy to clean, need no maintenance.
4. Its fire retardant properties make it safe to use everywhere.
5. Termite and borer free.
6. Exceptional durability
7. Infinitely recyclable making it a sustainable choice for environmentally aware individuals.
To reduce waiting times and improve delivery schedules, there is the ability to coat two different colours in two different plants. 41 meters of oven. EOT cranes for efficient handling of items, both raw and completed.
wooden finish powder coating

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